Friday, July 6, 2012

Hummingbirds and Itty Bitty Kitties

Hummingbird - 4 Ways - #3
5.5 x 7.5" -Watercolor on Yupo paper, matted to 8 x 10" 

Last month's personal challenge doing the sunflowers and hydrangeas four different ways was fun and inspiring, so I thought I'd do the same thing with my hummingbird spirit sketch. This is number three. You can see the first two here on

5.5 x 7.5" - Watercolor on Yupo paper, matted to 8 x 10"

Another hummingbird painting done this week.

7.5 x 10" - Coloring Page -Pencil on Yupo paper - Free Print Out

Please feel free to print this out for your personal, your friend's, children's or grandchildren's pleasure. It fits nicely on a standard 8.5 x 11" sheet. You can see two more of my free coloring pages here

Taken through the screen - The wild turkey mother who started out with eleven chicks this spring is down to three. They are a pretty good size now and can fly well, so their chances of survival is good.

If you remember my "Cat Man Do" post,  we caught feral cat, Ja Ja only to discover that she just had kittens. We brought her back un-spayed so she would continue to produce milk for them. She finally brought them out in public about ten days ago. 

Jerry started putting out Have -A- Heart traps this past week. My step son, Jimmy, caught the ginger tabby on Wednesday and Jerry caught the little orange and white later that afternoon.

They are already settling in and adjusting quite nicely. Cats are so clean and smart. After taking away the towels, they have already started using the litter box for their business instead of for a bed.

Jerry left a trap on the deck last night without food in it. To his surprise, kitten #3 was inside this morning!

We've got the cage on a dolly so we can wheel it where we want it.

Tigger is not at all happy with the situation, as expected. He already  took over Princess's bed in the studio and really liked the idea of being an "only child".

I have set up my studio lights and started shooting again.

The healing of my ankle continues and a vast collection of medical equipment is on the way out of the studio!

I'd love to hear your comments about my Hummingbird Spirit - 4 - Ways challenge.
Which pieces do you like or dislike and why? What do you think about me offering free printable coloring pages?  How do you like the kitties? Any ideas for names? 

Thanks for reading my blog! Commenting is not mandatory, but as always, it is most appreciated.

Until next time, wishing you great days!