Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Butterfly Bliss and Hummingbird Magic

Butterfly Bliss
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Hummingbird Magic
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onto synthetic, nonabsorbent Yupo paper with a black pencil
then painted in transparent watercolor.

The Butterfly Bushes have been attracting some interesting species lately and I estimate that we have around 100 hummingbirds here now. We go through a gallon and a half of nectar everyday. A lot of time is spent caring for the hummingbirds, watering their flowers, making nectar, filling and cleaning feeders. There are also plenty of sweet, soothing, quiet times though. It's a relaxing meditation; watching them and listening, just enjoying their presence and entertaining aerial displays. The male hummingbirds will be leaving us soon and the females and youngsters are starting to pair up and go into training for their biannual migration. They are such magical creatures; it is no wonder that they symbolize happiness, love and joy! Do you have butterflies and hummingbirds where you live? What types do you see?