Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Summer is Speeding By

Calico Kitten - 5.5 x 7.5" - Watercolor on Yupo paper, matted to 8 x 10" 

I did this painting today from one of the sketches of my little calico
girl that I recently posted on SketchingEveryday here

The kids take a nap after a hard morning of playing in the studio.
It has been one month today since we started catching the babies. They are growing like weeds and have more than doubled in size! 

We caught their mother, Ja Ja, and had her spayed on Tuesday. YAY! We are keeping her in a cage in the barn while she recuperates. She is really sweet for a feral and we are hoping to tame her even more before releasing her.

Me (L) and blogging friend, Robin Larkspur(R).
Here's a snapshot of my good friend, Robin.
I am so glad we got to meet and spend some time together in person!  

My Princess Cutie Pye with Robin's Pyewacket and Pixie.
Robin's blog, PurrrrSnicKitty, is humorous and fun to read.
Her spunky Little Miss Pixie has already been busy
creating amusing games.

Golfinch on the new rocking chair feeder.
I've been trying to get a photo of this cute bird feeder that Robin and her hubby gave to Jerry when they visited. It looks so sweet when the Goldfinches use it. Unfortunately, the Doves now like it too and tend to hog it.  I'll have to settle for this poor shot through the window for now. At least you get the idea.

My Mom and Dad posing in font of the studio.
My folks were here visiting for a week on their way up to Michigan with their motorhome. They left yesterday morning. I miss them already. It seems so quiet here now.

I've got more company on the way though! And the guests are coming all the way from California. One of them is actually a celebrity and is touring the world! I'll be letting the cat out of the bag tomorrow on my Sketching Everyday blog.
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  1. Super drawing of your Cutie Pye! The one goldfinch looks happy in the feeder. I love the photo of your parents in front of your beautiful flowery home! Thanks for sharing pictures and news.

    1. Hey there my friend! Thanks for your comments. Looking forward to more news about your kiddies!

  2. Your "Calico Kitten" watercolor is absolutely adorable! Very well done and just wonderful in every way! Nice post... good that you finally caught and spayed the mama.:)

    1. Yes, Kathleen we are very happy about catching Ja Ja. Thanks for your compliments about my Cutie Pye too!

  3. I know about your surprise! You're so cute and funny to tease your readers this way. Love the drawings on your other blog which are all about your surprise! Have fun - or even more fun than you're having with the Little Chicken.

    1. Thanks for allowing me to draw from your photos and participate in the little TC project! I truly appreciate your input, Jill.

  4. Love your painting of the kitty, and ahhhh aren't the kitties cute!

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Ann. I value your input.


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