Friday, December 28, 2012

How Beer Saved The World and Other Holiday Tidbits

Christmas is not entirely about gift giving, I know.
Like many, our family has cut back considerably this year.
Although the message should be about opening our hearts more
than presents, gift giving still continues to be a part of our tradition.

Because it's their first Christmas and they have been
exceptionally good this year, the kittens received
an extra special gift from Santa Claws!

Opie loves his high vantage point by the window.
Both kittens are thrilled with it and I am hoping
they'll start putting the scratching part to good use!

I have been taking a ten week online
lettering workshop with accomplished illustrator
and instructor, Val WebbInteracting and sharing
with members of the class has been fun and inspiring.
One of Jerry's presents from me is this Celtic style painting
with his initials. (Cutie Pye makes sure it meets with her approval.)
Jerry is happy with it. I'm relieved. Sometimes he is hard to please.
You can see a couple of my other lettering class projects here.

From Jerry, I got this sleek, shiny, new respirator for when
I'm chopping Rudy's hay with the paper cutter.
The cutting creates a lot of dust, so this
is a much appreciated, practical (and stylish) gift!
Don't you just love the black with purple filter accents?

I also got several cases of really good beer!
I am all set for quite a while now!

This humorous documentary will enlighten, entertain
and engage your respect for my favorite beverage.
Learn about beer's very long, interesting history and
see how it really did shape life as we know it today!
Now, whenever Jerry sees me with a beer, he says, 
"So, I see you are trying to save the world again!"

Wouldn't it be nice if it was that easy?

I hope your Christmas day was as pleasant as ours was
and that the rest of your holidays are happy and bright.

X ♥  O