Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Gift From Spirit ~ Whitetail Fawns

"In stillness I hear Spirit's voice,
not universal clutter."
Rev Kathy Graves

A Gift From Spirit
Whitetail Fawn Painting
16" x 20" ~ Double Matted and Framed
silver level ~ original watercolor ~ $399.00

I am posting this older painting here today as part of
Leslie Saeta's 30 Day Marketing Challenge.

This was painted while recovering from my injury and is very symbolic in content, design and colors. The green symbolizes growth, abundance and a fresh approach to life. The purple antlers symbolize spiritual development, power and wisdom.

To buy this painting or view more of my older Spirit Art Work, go to my Spirit Art Gallery. See a sample of my burl- wood frames here.

On March 23rd, 2007, I got bucked off my horse in the woods and took my first ever ambulance ride. I landed on my left shoulder and was hoping it was just badly dislocated, but after over three hours in the Emergency Room, I found out I had a broken humerus.There was nothing humorous about it! Fortunately it was the left arm and I was still able to draw and paint during my recovery. My accident provided a great revelation and showed me how important it was to slow down in order to grow spiritually. I have concrete evidence that Universal Guidance was largely at play that day.

That morning while out taking care of the horses, I was presented with two large matching antler sheds at the edge of the woods. They were gifted to me side by side in a most unusual and deliberate placement.They were found on the East side of my property, symbolizing new beginnings. They were facing North which represents wisdom. The number two represents patience and as in all antlered species,the deer's rack is symbolic of antennae which provide heightened perception and a connection to the divine. It was not until my healing got under way that I could see that my accident was truly a powerful gift from spirit.

"Perhaps this is your time to think, to rest, meditation time to learn more oneness with the Universe."
~Jean Kitchens

"Busy keeps us from spirit's whisper."
~ Rev Kathy Graves

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  1. A very beautiful post, Sandy. I loved reading it. The spirituality and symbolism of the antlers and the colors was fascinating.
    Here's hoping we can get together some time - maybe compare injuries??? :)

    1. Thanks for your input Kathryn.Yes, I agree, it would be fun to get together! :-D


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