Saturday, May 4, 2013

Experiment II ~ A Loose Direct Approach to Watercolor

"Experiment, experiment, experiment -
until it finally flows from within you.
It is a hard road. But the result is also
a deep inner satisfaction."
~ Jack Dickerson

Today's transparent watercolor was painted while standing, like my first experiment, directly on Yupo paper without any preliminary pencil lines or even a rough sketch. It was started with a pretty good idea of the desired subject and composition, but I remained flexible while working, listening to what the painting asked for and allowing the piece to evolve without too many preconceived boundaries or restrictions. I am finding this direct approach rather exciting and satisfying.

Hummingbird Happiness

11.5" x 14" original watercolor on Yupo paper
16" x 20" matted w/ foam core backing
Signed and certified
Purchase painting here.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! 
The weather here is gorgeous!

Snacking On: Sour Crawlers /  Listening To: Blondie
Now Headed Out To Play With Horses!

What are you up to today? ...

X ♥ O


  1. Love the flow of the colors in this painting, Sandy.
    And the weather here is fabulous, too. :) Except for the flies, which have come out in hordes the past 3 days, Bruno and I are loving the weather. :)

    1. Thanks Kathryn. The poor horses. I hate the bugs. Rita is full of hives. She gets an allergic reaction when they first start bitting every year. Just started using the fly masks. The horses really like them.


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