Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Activate Your Beginner's Mind

"I value a "don't know" attitude highly 
because it's ambiguous and fosters 
a "beginner's mind"in which 
there are more possibilities 
than in an "expert's mind."
~ Theresa Bayer

Wildflower Bouquet

Because alcohol Inks are such a unique medium, they are making me appreciate a novice's mind. I think it's something of great benefit that we should all do more often. As we grow older, too often we get stuck in routines that can dull our minds and our senses. A beginner's mind clears out the cobwebs and opens up a world of discovery and excitement. Experimenting and making mistakes in any new endeavor, teaches us how to explore options and trust our instincts. Because the expectations of an "I don't know" attitude are lower, it teaches us to pick ourselves up and brush ourselves off everyday. This is the one painting, out of many, that I am keeping today. This new found medium is captivating me and I hope it is beginning to show.

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