Saturday, March 8, 2014

Blooming Iris With Newborn Vigor

"How can one help but shiver with delight
when your hot fingers close 
around the stem of a live flower, 
cool from the shade and 
stiff with newborn vigor!"
~ Colette

Iris Blossom

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Sometimes a few minor adjustments can make a major improvement! I finished this alcohol ink painting yesterday, but wasn't quite happy with it. After looking at the photo of it for a bit, it became obvious what needed to be done.

Before tweaking the painting -
Today I did a little rework; lightening the stem to bring it forward and darkening the leaf to the left to push it back. I think it reads much better now. Don't you agree?

The sun is shining! What a drastic change from last week's winter blast. It's 58 degrees out and tonight we "Spring Ahead". Yay! Finally the days will be longer!


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