Thursday, May 29, 2014

Standing Room Only

"An inconvenience is an
adventure wrongly considered."
~ Gilbert K. Chesterton

It was a rough start to the first in a series of painting demonstrations in New York City yesterday. After our train died somewhere south of Newark, NJ, we eventually had to be rescued by another Amtrak Train which put us over an hour and a half off schedule. There was mostly standing room only as the train we embarked was already 3/4 full. I was pleasantly surprised though about how well most people handled the situation.

So after leaving my house and making reservations with plenty of time to spare, I arrived at the art store over an hour late and proceeded to demonstrate at full throttle. If nothing else, I learned most people handle inconvenience with grace. I also realized that I was taking way too much stuff! I spent the afternoon seriously reorganizing, downsizing and streamlining my YIPPEE 4 YUPO presentation and I am good to go again!

Part of my demo captured on iPhone
by Page from Legion Paper.
Tomorrow  is Number Two of 

Yesterday's Demo ~ Blooming Cherry Tree

6.5 x 8.8" Watercolor on Translucent Yupo paper

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