Saturday, November 29, 2014

Cherished Art Is Not A Product

"Cherished art becomes a portal 
through which we may enter the universe . . .
a glimpse, a sliver, a hint of our very own heaven. 
Artists are providing a personal journey 
to an emotional state of mind. 
Art is a service, not a product."
~ David Rodman Johnson 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Ancient One~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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We all need less stuff these days. I know all about wanting to de-clutter and live in a fresher, less complicated, more relaxing environment. The question is really more about how I can enhance my life, by getting rid of the things that no longer "do anything for me", except take up space. Your living spaces will look and feel so much better, when you finally replace those decorative chachkes, posters, photos, kid drawings, faded prints, etc. that you got 20 years ago as a gift from so-and-so on your wedding day. You've hung it for 20 years or more. Your obligation is over. There's no better time than now to move on! A fresh start with inspiring art that YOU CHOOSE for yourself, can change the whole look and feel of the rooms you live in. Look around you. Do you see things that are taking up space on your walls, without paying you back anything in return?

To love a painting is to feel that this presence is ... 
not an object but a voice." 
~ Andre Malraux

"Art is a living river that runs through our time 
and will run on as long as art is created and appreciated. 
To purchase a painting is to take a dipper full of the river home 
to constantly be refreshed with the energy of life."
~ Stewart Turcotte

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