Friday, March 6, 2015

Waiting For Spring

“To be interested in the changing seasons 
 is a happier state of mind than to be 
hopelessly in love with spring.” 
~ George Santayana

"Spring in the Heart"
~~10 x 8" Dbl. Matted Alcohol Ink Collage on Yupo paper~~

Mother nature has been having her way with us here in the Northeast, USA. I'm not complaining though. We, here in southern NJ, have not had much snow this winter compared to some of our northern neighbors. There is about 8 or 9 inches on the ground right now after yesterday's bombardment. It really is quite beautiful and according to the reports, we will be in the 40's and 50's by late next week. I hope they are right, but today I'm going to just savor the beauty of our winter wonderland.

Here are some photos taken yesterday at The Sandarosa.

I saw three bluebirds yesterday. I hope
they come back when it's a little warmer.

Eva, (one of our 20 or so ferals) thinks she wants
to come in, but she looses her nerve if we
invite her. She is a loner and doesn't get along
with the other outside cats (who all have various
shelters). She's been staying on the
screened porch where Jerry set her up with
a cozy warm bed, litter box and food.

Rita's nice 'n toasty with a thick winter coat
and her double layer of blankies.

Several flocks of turkeys and numerous other backyard
birds are cleaning us out of sunflower seeds.

Lots of melting and rain prior to the snow
made for some new little ponds on the property.

The snow stared as rain which acted like glue, so the
snow's all stuck to the branches. Very pretty, but
could be hazardous to the trees and electric wires.

Jerry's art garden in monotone.

Jerry has a love/hate relationship with the snow
because he gets to play with his favorite farm toy.
It's a 1949 Massey-Harris-Ferguson.

They broke the mold when they made this
machine and when they made the driver.
They just don't make 'em like that anymore!

As always, thanks for your continued friendship and feedback.

Happy creating everyone!

X ♥  O

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