Monday, March 23, 2015

The Art Of Teaching

"I tried to stir the imagination  and
 enthusiasms of students to take risks, 
to do what they were most afraid of doing, 
to widen their horizons of action. " 
~ James Broughton

"The Circle Game"
~~~~~~~~~~~8 x 10" Dbl. Matted Alcohol Ink Collage on Yupo paper~~~~~~~~~~~
email: for purchase info.

We had another snow storm and got 6" here in Southern NJ
on Friday, "the first day of Spring". 

By yesterday, Sunday, there was hardly any trace of it though.
I truly hope that's the last we see of it until Christmas time.

I have been getting ready for more Alcohol Ink Classes, Workshops and Drink & Ink events. Enthusiasm is spreading as more and more people discover the magic of alcohol inks. I am enjoying teaching, meeting like minded folks and making lots of new art friends in the process. 

I took my flyers and tiles down to the local high school craft show on Saturday and talked so much I nearly lost my voice. Of course, I ran out of flyers, but next time I'll be more prepared. I sat and inked and let a few others try their hand at it too. It was fun because everyone was quite impressed and amazed with them.

Have you created yet today?

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