Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Art Adventures

"Nothing adventured,
nothing attained."
~ Peter McWilliams

September 2015 - 30 Paintings in 30 Days - Day Sixteen

"Art is on the same adventure as Science,
with this difference, that Science
tries to comprehend Nature's body,
while Art tries to apprehend her spirit."
~ F. B. Housser
Prints of this painting in different orientations are available here.

"Once an artist gets it in his mind that
it's a blooming adventure, then, and only then,
everything falls into place and starts to work."
 ~ Joe  Blodgett

I've been crazy busy this this month on this daring daily art adventure! Experimenting with this wonderful alcohol ink medium produces some exhilarating moments and satisfying days when everything clicks. Then there are days when I paint nothing but throwbacks. When my creations turn out unsatisfactory, it's usually because I am stretching my boundaries and testing my wings. After thousands of paintings and so many years of art making, I know this is all part of the process. So to all you artists reading this, regardless of your experience, or level of accomplishment, my advice to you today is to really enjoy the journey. Recognize that each day's discoveries (the process, not the products) are the true blessings of the art adventure. Enjoy it all, the failures with the successes, as it unfolds, just let your muse lead the way.
Have a great day and happy creating!
X ♥  O

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