Monday, September 14, 2015

Artistic Connections

The shared connections of art 
have the power to expand 
the human spirit and to 
touch and heal hearts 
which can then touch 
and heal our world."
~ Joyce Wycoff

September 2015 - 30 Paintings in 30 Days - Day Fourteen

"Artists come together with the clear knowledge that when all is said and done, they will return to their studio and practice art alone; period. That simple truth
may be the deepest bond we share."
~David Bayles

See Cosmic Connection here
Prints of this painting in different orientations are available here.

"Art is my vehicle through life.
May we share the ride together."
~ Ron Wickersham
We had a really great time yesterday at the
"Meet The Masters Show" Reception at
Medford Art Center.

Barbara March & Sandy Sandy - 9-13-15
 "Artistic relationships enrich life's fabric and
provide a wealth of validation, encouragement
and new perspectives."
~ Winston Seeney
Thanks for enriching my life.
Have a great day!
X ♥  O

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