Monday, January 18, 2016

The Key To Mastery

"A master painting has 
multiple repeating threads running through it. 
These hold the painting together and unify it 
in much the same way a great symphony is 
tied together by a repeated main theme. 
Variety in these repeated elements, 
as in music, adds interest to the painting. 
Repetition, variety, unity and harmony are 
characteristics of all great symphonies 
and of all great paintings." 
~ Barry John Raybould
Variety, Unity and Harmony
with Black Backing

with Beige Backing

with White Backing

I have been crazy busy trying to film my painting sessions, along with planing and editing my videos. All the while, I'm keeping up with the #30paintingsin30days challenge so far! It's very intense, but I am learning so much and seeing first hand how I do certain things, that have become automatic. I smile and chuckle while listening to my painting wisdom gleaned over more than 40 years. I never imagined I'd be learning so much from the videos myself, lol!
The key to mastery is through repetition." ~ Sandy Sandy
Go here to see more about painting number eighteen of my January 2016, 30 Paintings in 30 Days Collection; alcohol ink paintings on black tiles.
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