Monday, January 2, 2017

Thirty Paintings In Thirty Days - Day Two

"If you observe really happy people,
you will find them building a boat,
writing a symphony, working in the garden,
educating a child, or painting in alcohol inks.
These people will not be searching for happiness as if
it were a button that has rolled under the radiator.
He or she will not be striving for it as a goal in itself.
They will have become aware, that they
are happy in the course of living life -
twenty-four crowded hours of every day."
  ~ W. Beran Wolfe

I decided to participate in Leslie Saeta's January 2017  30 paintings in 30 days challenge this time around. I have participated in every one except the last one in September because I was launching my first  FUNdamentals of Alcohol Ink E-Course. The second session of this online alcohol ink workshop starts this Saturday, January 7th and registration is still open!

I wanted to show you how I added the stag to this winter scene using one of my sketches which I scaled to size on my copier, then transferred using grey transfer paper.

My sketch was scaled to size on the copier.

Then it was traced onto the tile with transfer paper.
You can see this finished painting and all my daily 30 in 30 paintings for this challenge on
Thanks for stopping by and Happy New Year!!

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