Monday, March 26, 2018

Shine Your Light!

"Those who are at times described as being
“too emotional” or “complicated” are the 
very fabric of what keeps the dream alive 
for a more thoughtful, caring and humane world.  
Never be ashamed to let your feelings, smiles 
and tears shine a light in this world."
~ Marc Chernoff

'Shine On" ~ 5 x 7" Matted Alcohol Ink Painting on Vinyl

 I love working on black substrates but the tiles limit us to a small size. This is one of my first attempts on mat black vinyl. The inks work good on the mat vinyl too. I ordered the 40 pack of glossy 12 x 12" vinyl and it's a great deal.  I'll cut them to various sizes - with 4 x 6"'s I'll get 6 pcs. out of ea. sheet for my studio classes. I'm gonna try it with my students on April 7th! I also ordered some black boards from Blick that I'm going to try too.

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