Thursday, December 4, 2008

6 Year Old Guitar Master

Lucciano Pizzichini plays blues, Santana and Rock & Roll. See him here at only six years old! Although he's now playing electric and singing, his acoustic guitar playing (with no singing) is my favorite. His ability, rhythum and style far exceed that of any person I've ever seen of his age. Makes me want to pick up my old forgotten guitar again.

You know, I think it is a true trait of a master when they make you feel such a strong connection to what they do. I'm not implying that I'm a master, but one of the nicest compliments I get as an artist is when someone likes my work so much that they want to own it. I remember, years ago as a rider it was when someone would say; "You make me want to ride that horse." Well, Lucciano Pizzichini definitely makes me want to connect to that universal language of music and feel what he's feeling, even if it is just a little bit. Too bad I don't speak Spanish. See more of my Lucciano Pizzichini favorites on my YouTube channel.

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