Saturday, December 20, 2008

Are You A Present Peeker?

Tami Close, aka, The "Fun" Coach, is one of my many new friends on facebook. She's also the head of a group that I belong to called, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun". Tami's currently taking a poll... peek or no-peek? Did you peek at your presents before Christmas? She adds; "I'll be the first, my name is Tami, and I'm a peeker!"

I responded;" My name is Sandy and I am a reformed peeker! One year as young teens, my sister and I found and carefully unwrapped every present our parents got us that year. My mom knew, but she never let on. It sure was a let down for us on Christmas Day when there wasn't a single surprise under the tree. I learned a big lesson that year. I've been a non-peeker ever since!"

I'd love to know if you guys out there are a peekers or a non-peekers too!

Here today is a scan of a Christmas card I created and sent out in 1978!

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