Monday, May 30, 2011

My Baby Turns Twenty Today! :-(

It was twenty years ago today. . . 
While visiting my friend in VA, I witnessed the birth of Oldenburg Stallion, San Diego's first foal on Memorial Day 1991. It was an incredible experience! The filly was born in the indoor arena and I got her first steps on video. She was so beautiful! I was in love and definitely in horse-heaven. Little did I know at the time that she would be my Santa Margarita. Since I have no human children, she's the closest I'll ever get to having a baby of my own. It was apparent right from the start that the foal had a very high opinion of herself and a strong willed "mind of her own". After an hour of getting her land legs, she wasn't finished checking out the indoor arena, the footing, cavaletti, ground poles or cats and dog. She had to be pushed by three of us to follow her screaming mother back to the stall. She resisted by rearing and bucking. . . at less than an hour old.

She loved to be brushed, hand fed and fussed over.
Here's a picture of me and Santa Margarita when she was about two months old. My friend used this photo in her stallion advertising campaign. She said people often commented about the cute photo of the foal and the "little girl". : -)
(Shhh, A little secret - I was 37 at the time.)

She was a firey filly and very tall and strong.
Here we are when she was four months old. Look how fast she was growing! What a handful. I felt sorry for her mom. I'm putting a slideshow together to commemorate this day and the past twenty years with my big girl. I'll post it here soon.

And here we are today.
Still Together After All These Years!

Happy 20th Birthday Today To My Lovely Rita!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rita, from Kath and Bruno. Sandy she is one drop-dead GORGEOUS mare!!!!

  2. Thanks for the compliment and birthday wishes, Kath and Bruno! ~ Sandy & Rita

  3. She's so beautiful! Happy birthday (a bit belated)!

  4. I love the photos! She is absolutely beautiful. Happy Birthday sweet Rita.

  5. You've had this horse for 20 years? I congratulate you, and thank you. I hear, so often, of people who turn in horses like they turn in cars... who knows how the horse will be treated in their new home? (can you tell I read Black Beauty from my urban tenement about 8 times as a young girl?) You have a wonderful spirit. Thank you for being so giving...

  6. Thanks for your comments Jennifer, Mary and Kelley! :-D Rita & Sandy

  7. BTW - Kelley,20 yrs. isn't much, my other horse is thirty-one and I got him as a yearling. :-D


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