Monday, May 2, 2011

A Turning Point in World Peace

 I just received this letter from Owen Waters, international spiritual healer, prophet and  author. 

A Turning Point in World Peace.

"Now is the time when you can make a very great difference in world events. World peace will either gain ground or lose ground at this point in history. The icon of world terrorism is dead: Reactions to this by terrorists would, if they were to succeed, cause more fear, more military responses, and set world peace back further than before.

You can send your healing energy out into the world to promote world peace. The spiritual hierarchy states that the energy sent out by all physical cooperators at this time will be enhanced by a factor of 3,000 times. THAT makes you a powerful agent for world peace!"

For the full article, see the Current World Crises section at:

You can find out more about Owen, his work and writings here.

Sending out feelings of love is the key. It all boils down to the POWER OF LOVE!

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