Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Princess And The Ten Toms

Princess, my studio cat, was restless and very vocal this morning. I couldn't figure out what it was she could want.

With me being laid up with a strained back over the last week and a half and rain off and on the past couple of days, she hasn't gotten to go on her usual frequent "walk-about" the property. So I got my jacket on  and we headed out. Once out, she acted hesitant, like it wasn't what she wanted after all. Sometimes, like all of us I guess, she doesn't know what she wants.

I noticed a group of male turkeys were out in the field. We have a flock of 25-30 off and on around here. The young bachelors are sticking together now as the hens are off nesting.

Princess followed me out and the turkeys quickly took note of her.
It didn't take long before the dominant males were over to check her out.

She was really enjoying all the attention.

She kept watching me, perhaps in case she needed protection. Or was she looking for approval?  Showing me how brave she is, here deliberately posing for this group shot.

Her body language was that of superiority, confidence and being in control.

The encounter really perked her up.  I watched as she played mind games with them. Varying her posture and eye contact, she was checking out what kind of a response she'd get.

After ten to fifteen minutes of turkeys, she got restless and bored. By diverting her (intense) gaze and shifting her posture, the ten toms started to move on.

The leaders came back a few times to make sure it was over, and it was. By this time, something else really had gotten her attention. She was done with them.


  1. Love it, great pussy cat. Hope your back gets better soon.

  2. Thanks Kay, I am. Hope you are feeling better too.

  3. fantastic, cat and turkeys! unbelievable, i love it.

  4. Hey Robin - Yes, it was unusual! Glad it brought a smile to your face. :-D And Thanks for your comment and thanks for the follow too.

  5. I love your stories about the animals. Plus I noticed that you like the movie "Big Fish". It's one of my favorites.

  6. Hey Julie and Jennifer - Thanks for the feedback. It was fun and Princess was happy for days after her adventure. :-D


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