Monday, June 27, 2011

Hanging Baskets and Caution Tape

Our numerous hanging baskets are really looking fine these days.

I know from experience that the deer will soon think so too.

A couple of days ago , I caught several juveniles, probably yearlings, eyeing them up from the driveway. We worked too hard and spent too much money for them to become deer food in the night.

I've been putting up various barriers (brooms, chairs, trash cans) at night to discourage investigation, but I knew it was time to take more aggressive measures!

Jerry had some caution tape, so we made our barrier more formidable last night. I will take it down during the day and change the way I hang it a little each night, so they don't get too used to it. I think that's the key with deer. Change things often, because it usually takes them a day or two to relax around something new. Of course, they are pretty comfortable just about everywhere here in SandyLand. They are just not welcome to eat my flowers, thank you very much!

Jerry's got another giant tomato plant growing this year. I think it's even bigger than last year's. It has taken over the deck table so that our woodchuck can't get to it.

Three males showing off for each other this morning.

Rembrandt is begging for watermelon.

And Princess just takes it all in from her throne.


  1. Good plan for the anti-deer strategy. I wish you great luck!! I have never seen such a huge tomato plant, and in a container!! Those will be delicious. Your animal photos are great. Princess has a lovely land to rule!!

  2. Wonderful photos of your home, Sandy. Thank you for sharing them. Princess really looks like it is HER domain!


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