Friday, June 17, 2011

Princess And The Herd

Princess wanted to go on walk-about real bad this morning. It's basically our girl time, where we walk around the property and interact with each other. It just has to be me! She won't go with Jerry. I was busy doing a favor for a friend, so she just had to wait. She kept crying to go out when I got home. Once she was out, she was crying to come in. I tried food, I tried water, I tried treats and brushing. Nothing worked. So finally I said; "Ok, I know what you want, lets go." She sprang to her feet and ran all the way out to the pasture. 

A few members of the herd were out there grazing. It was obvious that she wanted me to be aware of their presence. She kept turning around to make sure I was coming. I recognized Little Guy and Fuzzy Tail, life time regulars here.

She had a plan.

She was going to show off for me and strut her stuff. I guess she's sorta got a big head from the recent turkey incident.

She headed right towards Little Guy in a definite stalking mode.

When Fuzzy Tail came to investigate, I guess Princess sent out her meanest predator vibes because both deer took off in a fast trot. I really didn't see her do any distinct posturing or anything from the back. It looks almost like mind control. She is an unusual little cat with a really big ego and a huge presence when she sets her mind to it. It's fun for me to witness the relationships and the coexistence that our various critters have here with each other. It's not unusual to see our two feral cats playing tag with Chuckie the groundhog. And it's commonplace to see a few deer, turkeys and a raccoon eating sunflower seeds together under the bird feeders. It's just another day in my life here in SandyLand.


  1. How high are your fences? I get the impression they're deer proof. Do you raise deer?

    Sandra W.

  2. Too cute! Princess the mighty hunter! LOL They really do form some neat relationships with the wild animals, don't they? Love the pictures, too!

  3. My fences are about 4.5 ft. tall and definitely NOT deer proof, Anonymous. The large population comes and goes as they please. And yes, Jessie, I love to watch all the different species interact and get along with each other. We humans can certainly learn something from them! Again, thanks for sharing your reactions to my posts everyone!


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