Saturday, June 11, 2011

Greetings From Hummerland!

The Mountain Laurel is just about done here in the pines. The local hummers love the stuff, so we don't get an accurate idea of their numbers until the flowers are done blooming. Here's a picture I took this week on one of my morning rides. This is my new bike next to one of the bushes so you can see the scale. The forest is just loaded with this North American kalmia. Many bushes are even bigger.

The past few days we have had a population explosion in our yard! I went from four small feeders to eight. The four I just added are the large 16oz.capacity. Even still, two of the feeders needed filling twice today! I'll tell you, this is exhilarating and just wonderful craziness.  I took this snapshot yesterday with my pocket camera next to the Butterfly Bushes where the birds love to play hide and seek, king of the bush and tag. We are all very eagerly waiting for the buds to open up! Many of the little sweeties can be seen constantly checking on the bud's progress. I spotted six hummers hiding in this little section of the plant, however there may be more. The yard and bushes have just been loaded with them! Anyone wanting to see them for yourself, give me a holler! Come spend the day with me here in HUMMERLAND!


  1. It wouldn't be summer without a hummer! They are so much fun to watch, and always amazing! Enjoy!

  2. Oh Sandy, I would love to live in Hummerland!
    I just bought a Fuscia plant to attract the hummers and I put out my feeder. We don't see many of them here but if I build it.....

  3. Thanks for your comments, Robin and Mary. And Yes, if you do things right. . . They will come!! See lots of tips here:


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