Friday, August 12, 2011

Another Road Trip! Atlantic City, NJ

Yesterday, my Nikon buddy, Nano, took a ride up to North Jersey with me. O.M.G. !  I came home with a beautiful new setup. With this new, popular, lighter weight body and zoom lens, I'll be doing some serious shooting. I'm anxious to get it all sorted out and set-up. 

Today I got up early and headed down to Atlantic City Boardwalk with college classmate, friend and photography mentor, Nancy Louie, aka; Nano. Because I haven't even had it out of the box yet, and because my main goal was to assist my friend, I didn't take my new baby. I took my little point and shoot Cannon PowerShot A590 instead. Here's a few of the untouched snap shots I got.

The morning shadows added to the atmosphere.

It was a beautiful morning. The early risers included bikers, walkers, families and seniors.

Although the background remained constant, the flow of people was ever changing. 

 The guys with the push carts were waiting in line. 

When the cart by the casino door got a passenger, the next guy in line would move up to the door.

Any time of the night or day, the Atlantic City Boardwalk is an interesting and unusual place. It's got a unique mix of the old and new with a "Down the Shore,  Jersey Style " gambling town character all of it's own. A great place to people-watch for sure!

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