Sunday, August 28, 2011

Good Riddance Hurricane Irene

It's the day after the debut of Hurricane Irene here in Southern New Jersey.

Irene did show mercy on us. No injury was inflicted on our various critters and damage to our property was minimal. We tied up the butterfly bushes which protected them from harm. We took down all the hummingbird feeders last night at dark. The first crack of dawn brought the hummers back  to us in droves. By 6:00 am. we had the feeders back up and we were back in business for our famished customers.

The horses, cats, turkeys and deer all seemed to be very hungry but overall in very fine shape.

Irene dumped some huge amounts of water on us however. 

The lot across the street is overflowing with run off.

The bad news is,  that it drains underground through our basement!

We have 4 sump pumps and a wet-vac going in the basement now.  Just trying to keep up with it is a full time job. Looks like our main priority now will be keeping up with the flood. I'm afraid we won't be getting much free time or sleep over the next week or so. 

Good Riddance Hurricane Irene!


  1. Dang, the basement flooding! We had that problem during a terrible storm and had lost power. We were bailing water by the bucket for hours. I hope you can keep ahead of it! Good luck. Glad everyone in and around your home are fine! Hurray for those hungry hummers!

  2. Hi Sandy - great documentation. I have yet to do mine. Maybe today. Hear there is another one on its way next week. May we be as lucky again!! Love, Sally

  3. Great documentation, Sandy. Glad we are damage free, though water in the basement can be a real pain. Hope it is drying out now. Better get some of mine on my blog before Kate gets on its way next week. Hugs, Sally

  4. Another Hurricane headed our way already? OH NO!! What happened to Jose?


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