Monday, August 22, 2011

Summertime On Long Beach Island

Sally and I started out Thursday morning at the far north end

Wanting to get some photos of various walkways to the beach, we headed south.

Fragrant bayberry grew wild at one entranceway.

It was still early and there weren't many people at the water's edge.

Although many flowers were past peak,
we didn't have to look far for beautiful colors.

An abundant variety of textures, smells, sounds and styles

 awakened our senses and got the creative juices flowing. 

People watching is always a big pastime on the island.

Spending quality time together, relaxing and just hanging out
is a large part of what a shore vacation is all about.

A solitary sentinel looks towards the ocean from Holgate
at the southern point of the island.

Dad's doing a really good job here.
Probably the first Family Portrait with their new addition.

Find out more about Long Beach Island
and see great photos from a long time resident, Sally Vennel.

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  1. What a beautiful spot to visit, Sandy. Thank you for the photos.


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