Tuesday, September 27, 2011

International Talk Like A Pirate Day ~ September 19th Every Year

Ahoy Matey, Blow me down! International Talk Like A Pirate Day has come and gone without havin' me sorry keester utter a single pirate word!

Meself and th' captian back in th' good ole' days , ARRRRR!

ERRRR, , Hey Ho, sure could fancy meself lettin' off some steam by makin' some scurvy scallywag walk th'plank, early in the morning!

Me swashbucklin' crew ready to set sail.

Way Hey, it all started by two blokes back in the good 'ole days of 1995. In 2002, humorist, Dave Barry, started promotin' th'holiday, ARRRR! See th'history of how it started here. Aye, if yer feelin' rusty or a little lily-livered, ye can just start by growlin' at store clerks and answerin' the phone with "Ahoy matey"!  Or ye can be like this drunkin' sea wench and brush up on Pirattitude lingo with th' Ol' Chumbucket and Cap'n Slappy. Aye, with October 31st on the horizon, avast, me hearty, all ye drunkin scallywag buccaneers be gettin' a second chance to talk like a pirate for the day, ERRRR!

Ahoy, view the international Talk Like A Pirate Day map and see what Wikipedia has to say about International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Learn how to be speakin' like a pirate here.

Aye, just one of me new pirate pictures available for a mere booty of a few shiny doubloons to all ye scallywags and sea hags. With me Jolly Roger flyin' high, Yo-ho-ho, shiver me timbers, I bet ye'll not be wonderin' what this salty landlubber lass be up to around Halloween time, ARRRRGAH!!


  1. Great post and photos! I like the stock shot. Guess you are getting your decorations out.

  2. Who knew there was a "talk like a pirate day". The very thing for your pirate loving family. Shiver me timbers I'm sorry I missed it.


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