Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Red Canoe Vs. Mystery In Painting

I found yesterday's letter, "Notes On Paucity" by Robert Gennvery interesting. Paucity is something that many of us artists will or already have come to grips with in some way. This succinct, witty essay conveys some very important truths. With the help of a suggestion by his long time friend, Joe Bloggett, Bob decides to take the red canoe out of the painting he is working on. He goes on to explain why; "In some paintings it's best to have viewers launch their own canoes". I invite you to give Robert Genn's Twice-Weekly Letters a look if you never have. You may be missing a real gem. I've been subscribing and gleaning insights from The Painter's Keys for more than a decade! Thanks Bob, for your letters and your continued dedication to raising the bar of art and evolution.

The Red Canoe  ~ Winslow Homer 1889  /  Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Sandy, that was a very good and well-deserved letter about Robert Genn. I've been following him for almost as long as you have.


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