Thursday, September 29, 2011

Aye, A Whole Month Of Halloween!!

ARRRR, Ahoy, me just discovered that a landlubber lassie by the name of Danni from The Whimsical Cottage Blog will be hostin' a month long celebration of me favorite holiday! Aye, matey, ye better git yer keester oer there and check out the fun! What with posts by witches, gobblins, scurvy scallywags, ghosts an' buccaneer sea wenches, I bet there'll be lots of shenanigans and mischief for all ye salty dogs to gnaw on. Hey, Ho, blow me down en' check out me link at the top of this blog The Countdown to Halloween! ERRRRRAGH!


  1. I think someone's been hitting the pirate grog! LOL! Glad you are excited about Danni's party!

  2. GREAT, me hearties! I love Halloween, too!!


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