Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Open Studio Tour

I love seeing other artist's studios, so I thought maybe you would like to take a holiday tour of mine.

With the help of hubby, Jerry and good friend Bobbie Zurbach, this year's Open Studio Holiday Party was a smashing success.Bobbie came everyday last week and offered her labor, feedback and ideas. She worked for me at Alpha 1 Studio for many years and we still have a great friendship and a perfect work place symbiosis.

This is the view of the show as you enter the studio, looking to the right.

There are no prints, only originals in this room. The show was mainly for my collectors and neighbors. Prices were lowered considerably and price tags were put on many paintings in my private collection as well.

Panning to the left, the first stop was the mini retrospective.

This was Bobbie's idea and it was a super addition to the show.  It starts at the top left with two drawings of a bunny and a turkey, done at age five. Then moving to the top right, is one of my first oils, and my hand drawing at age 12. In the middle is a high school sketch done from life of my sister, Denise. A few old photos accompany the early art. Then a figure drawing and a couple of watercolors done in college or shortly there after. My company brochure, Alpha 1 Studio, from the 80's and early 90's, showing a sampling of our sandblasted signs. Featured at the bottom right are some recent professional photographs and a CD cover with my artwork.

On the table, is a book I made in college, my Animal Spirits Book and a sketchbook from this year's Sketching Everyday Blog

Although it took considerable thought and effort, I would encourage other artists to consider doing this. The retrospective was really a big hit.

On the far left, you see a table of matted originals. They are 8 x10" watercolors
that are arranged in an attractive display by Bobbie.

Moving around the free standing panels, (in a positive clockwise direction),
you see the first panels with the second set behind.

Looking back towards the entrance, see the back of the first free standing set of panels.

Continuing  around the back panels, I hung many older paintings that some
of my collectors had never seen before.

A different arrangement with Chinese watercolors on the left
facing a triptych of lilacs and a soft abstract watercolor.

This is looking toward the North East with my work table and book shelves.
I left my table clear so I could mat and frame while people enjoyed the party.

Some of my favorite books were left out.

Raw original watercolors were left in stacks on this table for people to go through. It was fun watching guests discover their favorites that were hiding in the piles. I matted up several and framed a couple while the visitors merrily ate, drank and socialized with one another.

I had a drawing and gave away little matted original paintings. Door prizes for all included handmade watercolor bookmarks and holiday fridge magnets.

Although not as many people came as I would have liked, all in all, with more than a dozen sales, it was a very successful showing.

I have decided to keep this eclectic collection up all month.  In January, the paintings will be put away and the studio becomes a totally different work space. If you are local, see my work as you will never see it again. Please make an appointment to come by.

I'm really feeling the holiday spirit of love and generosity!

Call 609-268-9106 or email me at:

Thanks to my friends and family for all the great ideas they shared with me to make this a fun and unique event. A special thanks to everyone who attended and helped to make my load a little lighter and my holidays a lot brighter!


  1. I love seeing your work and I imagine that it was a wonderful show. Here in VT we do a state wide open studio tour on Memorial Day weekend. Its a wonderful tradition to either view other's work or show your own. The Vermont Craft Council does all the organizing!

  2. Sandy, this is the most beautiful set-up I have ever seen! I am going to store this post, and save it for reference! Thank you so much for posting this one!!

  3. I was wondering how it went and now I know! Looks like there was a lot to look. Glad it was a success and hope more people will stop by to have a look.

  4. What a wonderful workspace; seeing all your art would be such a special experience. I am sad I don't live nearby!! You are so very gifted! Thanks for sharing your Open House! Hugs! Robin.

  5. Thanks for all your positive input ladies! I've still got more photos of the show give aways, food and decorations to post . :-D

  6. Love your work and your studio space! Wish I lived closer:)


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