Friday, December 23, 2011

01 Days Till Christmas!

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! OMG, I can't believe it ! ! This month, especially the past couple of weeks, have been a blur.

We had a scare here when hubby, Jerry, became very ill two and a half weeks ago. It was probably a combination of things; abscess, root canal, flu, dehydration, pinched nerve and low blood pressure from not eating. Then there was fainting, ER visits and a couple of falls resulting in stitches and a broken nose. He was in the hospital for three days over last weekend. His many tests; MRIs, CATs, blood work and heart tests showed nothing. 

I knew he was finally turning the corner yesterday when he took the truck up the road to get feed for our beloved critters. Today we went to the doctor's office and he got his stitches out. Then it was on to the bank and out to do a little Christmas shopping. When we got home, he even did a few small jobs outside around the property before collapsing in his chair. He's moving slower, but things are finally getting better for him. I am so thankful that the old Jerry is starting to reappear. It looks like we're going to have a Very Merry Christmas after all! 


  1. Glad he is coming around. See you on Christmas!

  2. What a scare, Sandy! I am so happy to hear Jerry is getting back to good health! And I wish both of you a wonderful Christmas.

  3. Sandy, what a tribulation you and Jerry have been through. How scary! Thankfully he is doing better. And that he will be better so he will enjoy Christmas! Hugs to you both! and please have a very very merry Christmas! Robin.


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