Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Art Used For Another Book Cover (and Back)

Last March, I was first contacted by Michelle Waggoner, the  production chief / art director for the New Plains Review, a literary journal that that is published twice a year by the Department of English at the University of Central Oklahoma. They used one of my spirit art images for the cover of their Spring '11 Publication.  On Thursday, I heard from Michelle again. She wrote; "I’d like to thank you for contributing such nice artwork to iStock. Also, we’ve used another one of your pieces as the cover art for our latest issue and would like to send you two copies." 

When first viewing the online version of the front cover on Thursday, I thought; now why did they use the image that way? Then today, I remembered Michelle saying something about the back cover. I clicked on the book preview and found the back cover.  Zing, some pretty powerful poetry accompanies my little golden hummingbird there! 

Follow this link to see the Fall '11 New Plains Review,
then click on PREVIEW directly under the front cover
 then at top right  -  --  - click through the pages >,  or write in - -  pg. 12  - -
It's a bit of a trek, but if you like inspiring words, it's well worth the journey.

I really miss my hummingbird honeys, 

What a pleasant surprise visit on this cold and dreary wintery day.

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