Friday, April 13, 2012

Friends and Family to the Rescue!

Jerry and I went to our first post-op appointment at the surgeon's office on Tuesday. Getting me into a vehicle was quite a time consuming ordeal and included using a wheelchair, walker and crutches. I have since become more coordinated in the chair, but maneuvering and closing doors to keep my Tigger cat out of the studio (he chases Princess) can be tricky. Tigger is still either scared of the leg or mad at me. Also could be jealousy, because I know he would love to take Princess's job away from her as my private duty nurse. Jerry said that after I fell, even when I left in the ambulance, Tigger wouldn't come up from the basement and just kept crying all night. Poor guy. I sat and watched TV with Jerry in my recliner for the first time for a little while last night. I was happy when my buddy finally came and curled up beside me. He even let me pet him for the first time. He's such a sensitive guy. 

Brother-in-law, Brent, got me this nice chair from the Elk's Club to use as long as I need it.

Seeing the foot with sutures and the X-rays with all the screws, plates and wire for the first time on Tuesday was shocking and emotional. With 5-6" sutures on both sides of my multi-colored somewhat misshaped ankle, all I could think of was that it looked like something from Tim Burton's  Corpse Bride. My handsome young surgeon has assured me that it looks very good and it's all going to be OK.  He says I will be able to walk fine and ride again. All I can say is, I'm glad to be living in this age of modern medicine! Years ago, I would have had to be in traction, probably for months! Me in traction, really people, can you just imagine it!?

Poster artwork © 2005 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Five years ago, almost to the day that I first fell off the ladder, on  March 23rd, 2007, Rita pitched me into a tree while riding out in the Wharton State Forest. I broke my arm - the head right off the humerus. No, it wasn't humorous, but I was fortunate that it was my left arm and I carried on pretty much from the beginning, almost in normalcy. I could still paint, sit at the computer, feed myself, get around, go outside and visit my horses, (whom I now miss terribly). With a shattered ankle, it's not that easy. Yesterday I spent the entire day alone, in bed with frequent waves of tears and depression. I felt so uncomfortable, helpless and immobile. Everything hurt.

Today my sister, Denise, came over. She has been an angel, helping me maintain a somewhat respectable level of personal hygiene. She helped me get cleaned up and washed and styled my hair. She reorganized the studio again so I could work at a table from the wheelchair. She fed me lunch. Most importantly, she  talked some sense into me. "We are not Human Doings, we are Human Beings", she said. "You've got to try to relax. Contrary to our upbringing, you don't have to be doing something all the time!" Those words really woke me up, changed my perspective and hit home. I think I turned the corner right then. 

On Easter Sunday, Jerry found these items on our front porch. I believe they came from my drum circle friend, Lou, but as of this writing, that is still unconfirmed. I am so thankful for all the numerous emails, cards and encouraging phone calls. They really go a long way to keep me in a better frame of mind.

These Native American items are reminding me to relax and connect to the Universal Mind.

With the support of my husband, friends and family, I now know that I can get through this. Jerry has been a saint; taking such great care of me, the house, the cats, all the wild critters, the horses and his job. My blacksmith came to trim the horses' feet today. While Rudy was being done, I watched Rita from the window. She kept running out of the barn, listening and looking up towards the house for me. It was the first time I wasn't there with her for the farrier, but Jerry said she was very good. Poor Rudy was awfully stiff though and had a hard time lifting his legs. I usually lunge or ride him two or three times a week to keep his old bones moving. He starts off stiff, but works out of it quickly.  The exercise really makes a big difference with him. It would be nice to find someone who could come and lunge him for me a couple of times a week. 

My parents are coming up from Florida next week to assist. Bobbie and Nan have stopped by to help with studio reorganization, housework, meal preparation and general spirit lifting. I have talked on the phone to local and long distance friends and family everyday. My friend, Irvane, has sent me a greeting card brimming with love and encouragement every single day this week!

Bobbie vaccums the studio while I helplessly look on.

On Wednesday, I was really blown away by a very unexpected and welcome surprise that came in the mail. It was from one of my favorite blogging buddies, Robin Larkspur of Wiccan Writes.

A "Horse Trivia" book and a "Beautiful Origami" kit with instruction book from Robin.

These thoughtful gifts were accompanied by a touching card and a very encouraging note. The horse book is delightfully entertaining and the origami set is just fascinating. I am "chomping at the bit" to get started with it. 
The stork sample looks like a hummingbird to me. (Still no signs of them here yet.)
There are so many interesting creatures in the 80 page origami instruction book! This completed stork came with the kit. I'll probably start with one of these.

Look at all the pretty papers to choose from!
With fifty sheets of beautiful paper, maybe I can even convince some of my friends to come over and try some origami with me! Hey if you are local, give me a call, I'll be here.

Considering our early, warm spring, I'm surprised that I have not seen any of my hummingbirds here yet. Jerry hung two feeders from the studio porch, positioned so I can see them from my bed. I am almost certain my little "Yard Dog" will be here this weekend. Last year he showed up on April 14th. I will sound the bells and spread the word when they arrive! Please think of me, and pay attention to  what you are doing. Be extra careful and have a SAFE and enjoyable weekend everyone!