Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Slow Recovery Continues . . .

I had a doctor's appointment today. This is my Physician's assistant, Ryan. The x-ray on the monitor is not mine. Mine is more symmetrical, with more plates and screws. 

She used this power tool to cut off my cast.

Surprisingly, the instrument cuts through the plaster, but supposedly doesn't cut the skin. It felt a little tingly when she got near the incisions. I think my face told her when to back off.

Here Ryan is taking the staples out of my ankle. I really don't know this foot. I have always had such slender ankles.

Here is my cute surgeon, Dr. Rick Romando (on the right) with one of his foot and ankle associates.

Jerry took me out to the barn after our appointment. He took a few snaps. I love the look of concern on Rita's face here. I can just see her wheels spinning. Now what the F... is going on with my mom?!


  1. Yikes, I would have been scared to death, myself, with that cutting tool! You are a brave woman! Look at the swelling! So they put a new cast on? That is a good sign though, that the stitches have come out, I would think. One more step towards "all better"! Hugs hugs!!

  2. Holy Cow, Sandy! Your ankle is huge and so colorful!! How does it feel? How are YOU feeling? I am so very glad you got out to the barn to visit the kids. Rita does look most concerned in the photo.

  3. I think your ankle looks pretty good considering! I love the look on Rita's face too.


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