Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Yes folks, they are finally back!! 

Bobbie is here and we were chatting when I saw our first little traveler. He came right up to the studio doors, stopped, hovered for about ten seconds and looked right in at me.

I shrieked, "It's A HUMMINGBIRD"!

I got into my wheelchair and we went out and sat on the screened in porch for a while. I saw two small males zoom by several times while we were out there. Bobbie never laid eyes on them herself, but after seeing my enthusiasm, has no doubt that they ARE finally here. Add joy and enthusiasm into your space and your life with my Hummingbird Prints! They make great gifts too!


  1. You do need quick eyes to see those hummers! I'm glad they have arrived. Maybe we will get some around here too, though there is a freeze warning for tonight! Enjoy those hummers! Hugs, hugs, hugs!!

  2. Hi Sandy, living in the UK I have never seen a hummingbird in flight, it must be magical to experience - do they ever fly close to you? I remember sitting on the floor of the Natural History Museum in London, in front of a glass case containing 46 stuffed hummingbirds from around the world. Empty of life their beauty was still visible and I was drawing them in my small sketchbook in pen when a school party arrived. This young boy in uniform approached me and asked me if I would draw a hummingbird for him. Being a shy artist I had a sudden fear that if I did one for him, then all the other 20 or so children would want me to do the same and I'd cause a commotion in the quiet museum. So I said no, and I can still feel the disappointment in his heart even though this was thirty years ago. I turned away from an opportunity to spread the joy that hummingbird carries - I would never do that again <3 xx

  3. Hi Sandy. I'm so glad you can get outside to visit with the hummers. Birds seem to make all things better. I was out in the barn just now [ and you will be SOON ] feeding Bruno, and the barn swallows gave me such a greeting. I smiled, and felt my grumps disappear.

  4. I saw a little male hummingbird drinking from one of the feeders this morning! YAY! Yes Robin and Kathryn, they make everything seem better. So nice to meet you here, Lolly. Yes, the HBs get real close to me and I've even hand fed them before. Hummingbird's message is when you bring joy to others, you cannot keep it from yourself. I like your museum story, Lolly. Thanks so much for your comments, ladies!

  5. Yipee! They've come to cheer you up:)

  6. Our hummingbirds came early this year. What a beautiful surprise too! We are already experiencing the hummer battles.....they are such funny but beautiful creatures!!!!


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