Monday, May 21, 2012

Howdy Hoo From Cat Man Do!

Sophie - sweet resident barn/shop cat
I said I'd fill you in the cat happenings here at "Cat Man Do", so here I go. It's complicated. Eva, the one year old recent drop off and fred's last fling has been vetted, treated, spayed and contained in a large cage in Jerry's shop since last Tuesday. She's been in the same room as Sophie and Ginger, our outside/inside, barn/shop cats. Sophie is a real doll, but Ginger is a an insecure, neurotic pterodactyl. (Wow, how do you like the spelling of that word?) The three cats seem to be accepting each other and I think we'll open Eva's door to the room with the two girls on Wednesday. I hope her and Sophie hit it off, because Ginger really annoys the Soph with her constant clinginess.

Ginger - Sweet, skittish and fat with various issues

The love triangle - Eva,  Ja Ja and Fred 

Eva -  tiny newbie 4.5 lbs.
Eva seems very docile and tame. Jerry's been sticking his hand in the cage and petting her, which she likes very much.
Ja Ja - teenage mother, 6 mo. old
As per my previous post, we caught Ja Ja,
only to find she was nursing kittens,
so brought her back untouched except for a rabies shot.
She loves the trap and we have caught her several times since. 

Freddie the Free Loader - Still at large
Fred's just too smart and continues to be an outlaw. We set the trap. He sniffs it, sprays it and walks away. He's been around the block a few too many times and we're afraid he is going to be a difficult one to catch.

Princess has her good days and bad. She's 17 now and often seems grouchy. She has been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. We have her on transdermal medication which is helping her have more good days. She now has a better appetite and is starting to put some weight on. 

Tigger is our big, lovable guy. He is spending more and more time with me in the studio, much to Princess' dismay. He's usually very good and tolerant of her and her space, but every once in a while he has to be a bad boy and get right in her face. This of course sets her off and gets her all riled up. He's young and playful and does it just for the fun of it and because it really annoys her.

Lately, Tigger's been taking all of the big soft balls out of his toy basket. Then, he walks around with them in his mouth. He carries it like it was a kitten, all the time crying in a loud, pitiful way until he finds a good spot to lay it down. Then he goes and gets another one and repeats the process. Saturday morning, we woke to find all four of them arranged in a neat, evenly spaced row. He continued observing and guarding them throughout the day until later that evening, when he started adding smaller sparkly balls to his arrangement. Then he seemed to loose interest. I think he wants to be an artist.

Leah - resident outside feral
Ziggy and Leah seem to be staying to themselves, mostly hanging out on the shed roof during the day where they occupy the penthouse suite.

Ziggy - Tigger's brother, resident outside feral
Snowflake  - spring 2011
They are not alone up there in their roof top abode anymore though. For the past couple of weeks, a raccoon has been coming out of their apartment and joining them for their evening meal. We don't think it's Snowflake, because it's shy and runs when it see's Jerry, but it could be one of the babies from last year. Anyway, they all seem to be getting along at the moment. Most likely, Ziggy and Leah don't have a choice and are just trying to hang on to their prime real estate. 

"Psychologists now recognize that the need in some people to have a dozen cats is really a sublimated desire to have two dozen cats."  ~ Robert Brault


  1. Sandy, I laughed and I laughed ... your post was brilliant! What a feline menagerie. I thought you had only 2 or 3 cats. And they are all so very well cared for. You and Jerry are such sweethearts for them. Dare I ask ... how is your ankle?

  2. Wait a minute, wait a minute. I kept scrolling, and then, Another Cat! Holy Cow (or Cat)! How the heck many is that! You are amazing, and I envy you. Me, no cats now, and not likely for the duration. Lucky you. And a raccoon. And wild turkey deer hummers. SandyLand is more like ZooLand!! Your cats are all so unique and if I may say, quirky!! Which is the usual way for most cats! Great post, thanks for all the photos and info! Good luck catching Freddy! Hugs.

  3. I was scrolling through this post, my in-laws immediately came to mind. They rescue cats and dogs. Last count was 13 cats and 4 dogs. Dogs are indoor and only female cats are allowed inside unless they have litter box issues. Males have the outside domain. Outside kitties share their food with possums and raccoons. :-)


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