Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Never a Dull Moment

Someone dumped off some feral cats over the past couple of weeks out here. I really wish people would be more responsible! Just because we have a farm, doesn't mean we need or want more mouths to feed! Now the cats are mating on our deck and we have got to do something about it right away! I called our local Spay and Neuter Clinic and they accept ferals for neuters tomorrow, so I phoned Jerry and told him he has to set the Have-A-Heart Traps when he gets home from work.

I hope we catch something other than a skunk, opossum or a raccoon tonight.
Wish us luck!

On another note, I have ben very concerned about our three big resident wild tom turkeys. I awoke about 6am to a single gunshot very close to the house about a week ago. Until this afternoon, I had not seen the really big boys here together. To say the least, I am very relieved to see all three of them this afternoon.

Please excuse these poor quality photos, taken with my little point and shoot, from far away, through the window.


  1. This is a city girl question- Do you ever have hunters wandering onto your property?

  2. Good luck with the cats; I hope all will work out. And thank goodness about the three Toms.

  3. Thanks Robin and yes, Carmella, even though the property is posted, you can't trust some of them to stay off. If I see a car parked nearby or anyone trying to hunt here, I call the state police.

  4. Hey Sandy, it's about this neighborhood you live in ... with the over-sexed cats, and drive-by shootings!!! Really though, aren't you worried about the gun shots? I am.


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