Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Birthdays, Breaks and Babies

Today is my horse, Santa Margarita's, 21st birthday. It seems like only yesterday that she was a newborn foal, so bold and full of herself, ready to take on the world.

 I haven't seen her yet today, but I will go out at dinner time with Jerry and make a big fuss over her. I'm really looking forward to seeing my big birthday girl today.

Not much to report on the home scene. Healing is going well, but slowly as expected. Here's one of my x-rays showing the craftsmanship and carpentry skills of my doctor. Thank goodness for modern medicine!

As per my suspicions, we just found out that our woodchuck, "Chuckie" is "Chuckquita"! She  has 5 or 6 babies under my hay shed. They are the size of guinea pigs and so cute! We can see them through binoculars from the house. They are very young and wary, so we can't get close to them. My dad had a groundhog as a pet when he was a kid and the whole family really loved him. Check out this video of a lady who rescues orphaned wildlife. I'm having a cuteness overload. Don't you just want to hold one?


  1. Chuckquita!!! LOL! Babies of all species are so adorable (well maybe not snakes)(or spiders). That is some x-ray! whew! Time is the best healer, as you are very fully aware of. You have been very brave. Every day brings you a little bit closer to riding again! Happy BIrthday to your beautiful 21 year old! Your drawing is sweet!!!

  2. Sandy, I am so glad to hear your healing is going well. Give you big, beautiful girl a birthday hug and kiss from me and Bruno! And ... OMG ... the woodchucks are absolutely adorable!


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