Monday, October 29, 2012

Chased Home By Hurricane Sandy

We got chased home from our SANDY Family Reunion in Virginia a day early by Hurricane SandyQuite ironic since the whole "Al SANDY Family" planned a Birthday / Halloween / Site Seeing /Reunion this past weekend in Williamsburg Virginia! It was the first time we were all together since 2008. Even though our trip was cut short, I am glad to be back safely in New Jersey! Many of the roads we traveled from Virginia last night are now closed. I just heard they are experiencing snow and blizzard conditions in North Carolina and Ohio. It's just crazy!

Jerry got everything secured on the home front over the weekend.

Rudy thinks it's great. He loves the rain.

I had to call him in at lunch time.

He is warm and dry under his waterproof blankie.
If it gets too nasty, I'll have to lock him in.

Jerry's making sure the paddocks are draining as well as possible.

No need to close the other horse  in!

Princess Rita remains high and dry in her stall.

We sprung a leak in the barn, but so far Hurricane Sandy has been very kind to us.

Emergency conditions prevail in our area and all along the Eastern and now central part of the U.S. We have heard from the township, cable company and the electric company to expect outages. I am trying to get this out as fast as possible. It is blowing and raining like a bear!
Wanted you all to know we are fine and I hope you all are too! I never thought I'd be living through a major hurricane named SANDY!

Stay safe! 
X ♥ O