Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kittens Win The Witchy Cat Contest!

Last week I entered a couple of photos of Pye Pye and Opie in a Witchy Cats Halloween Photo Contest hosted by Kim of Witch Cats and The Wiccan Life Blogs.

Today in the mail, we received our prizes! I love this wreath with a ribbon pentagram and cute witches and cats that Kim made. Such an original idea and so well executed! I found the purr-fect place to display it and this great seasonal decoration has already been hung on the wall. 

Kim also sent the kittens a handmade catnip toy mouse.
I woke up Opie from his nap and he was too sleepy to play much.

But Cutie Pye really got into it.

She gave it (and herself) a real good workout.

And with an exhausted grin, she says;


We love our fun loving, like minded blogging friends!

Pye Pye, Opie