Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Day of the Dead and Extended Halloween

As part of a modern, global community, we are exposed to many traditions from varied cultures. With a festive attitude, many folks are embracing some of today's more unique celebrations. For two consecutive days just after Halloween, "Day Of The Dead" from Mexico, is a well received pagan holiday which is rapidly gaining recognition and popularity in this country and beyond.


Some quotes on "Culture" :

"Culture is the passion for sweetness and light, and what is more, the passion for making them prevail." (Matthew Arnold)

"All art is an individual's expression of a culture. Cultures differ, so art looks different." (Henry Glassie)

"I am sure that only art will bring together all the peoples of the world." (Ousmane Dia)

Here in NJ, because of HURRICANE SANDY, Halloween has been moved to Monday, Nov. 5th. It seems strange and of course there's a lot of confusion and contradiction about it. Anyway, in my opinion, any time Halloween is extended, it's a good thing. I am thankful that my namesake, HURRICANE SANDY was very kind to us. We never even lost our electricity. Storm damage was minimal here in Sandy Land. Since we just got our cable (internet, TV and phone) service restored last night, we've been out of the media loop. Thanks to everyone for your concern. I hope SANDY was kind to you as well.  My heart goes out to the many who are struggling with the aftermath of this powerful mega storm.


  1. Your "Day of the Dead" painting is fantastic.
    So thankful that Sandy Land was spared and that all inhabitants thereof are fine and dandy.

    1. Thanks Robin. I am glad you guys got off easy too. It was great talking to you on the phone. Hugs and Purrs, Sandy and the Sandy Land Gang

  2. Very colorful and cheery somehow!They look so happy :)


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