Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Back in the Saddle

I'm BACK, back, back in the saddle again!

Custom riding boots made by E. Voel

Here's an update on the ankle situation for any of you that might be interested.

I just got my (re-customized) custom riding boots back from E.Vogel Riding Boots  yesterday and they look awesome! Their craftsmen do such fabulous work. With zippers installed,  I can now get my poor, fat, hardware laden ankle into them! I immediately tried them out on a half hour trail ride with Rudy.

Front view of the hardware in ankle.

The tall boots felt a bit stiff and somewhat irritating, but gave the ankle lots more support than my short zippered paddock boots. It was our third ride since the accident on April first.

 32 years young TB Paint, Rudy.

The hardest part of the ride is getting off my 16 hand horse without jumping down onto my (not quite healed) ankle. It's a long way down!

New mounting/dismounting block.

I needed a higher and bigger platform than my small mounting block provided. So far, I've been using the tailgate of the pickup truck to gently dismount. Last night, my handy hubby, Jerry, came up with this idea of using an old tub. If it works out well, I'll spray paint it green to match the mounting block.

22 years young TB Oldenburg, Rita.

I will try it out with my big, sometimes rambunctious, 17 hand Rita soon.

Wish me luck!