Sunday, November 25, 2012

'Twas a Month Before Christmas

'Twas a month before Christmas and all through the house,

Kittens break stuff belonging to me and my spouse.

They look like such angels, this shouldn't be the case,

Observe the innocence of each little face.

So instead of adorning with greenery and glass,
I've decided to refrain and not be an ass.

This season's ornaments will be meagerly sparse,
To do otherwise would be a big farce.

A reminder that material possessions are not the important part,
What really matters most is what comes from the heart.

Wishing You Many Blessings, 



  1. Having had the same experience, MANY times, I couldn't stop laughing! Thanks!

    1. Glad you could relate and got a laugh out of this, Angel. Thanks, I appreciate your comments!!

  2. LOL, Sandy this is adorable!! Yes those angelic faces conceal devilish mischief!! Someone suggested to me that we hang the tree from the ceiling! Somehow I think a certain Pyewacket would still find a way!
    Love these photos! And Princess Cutie Pye looks very regal!! Hugs and Purrs and Happy Festivities!

    1. Hanging the tree from the ceiling would be surely be entertaining Robin! I think your little Pixie might just be the first to climb to the top though. Thanks for taking the time to send in your thoughts! Hugs and Purrs back at y'all!

  3. Hi Sandy. I LOVE your illustrated version of The Night before Christmas is brilliant!!! It's so well-written, and the photos are adorable. :)

    1. Glad you liked it, Kathryn. As always, thanks for your kind words and encouragement!

  4. What a great post! your rhyming on an old


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