Saturday, January 5, 2013

Angel Oak, A Precious Antique ~ SOLD

"Trees are your best antiques."
~ Alexander Smith

Angel Oak, A Precious Antique


Angel Oak is located on John's Island and has been owned by the city of Charleston, South Carolina since 1991. It is considered to be among the oldest living things in the United States. Estimates of it's age range anywhere from 400-1400 years! She stands some 67 ft. tall, has over a 28 ft. circumference and is 187 ft. in length from tip to tip of the longest branches. I just found out tonight, as I was putting this post together, that Angel Oak is threatened by development by the city of Charleston. Now it makes more sense that the painting evolved with a yin-yang pair of doves flying from the tree. (Not my original intention.) Hey, do you believe in divine intervention?

This is painting # 4 of 30 in the 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge.

A special welcome to goes out to some new friends here!
Thanks for reading and commenting on my new painting series.
I jus - luv ya all, really I do!

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  1. Love your blog Sandy, beautiful paintings and it's nice to get little background on the oak trees.

  2. Great painting, and am glad to see everyone doing the challenge.
    Can't believe the city would let such an icon succumb to development. Angels should definitely intercede!

  3. Just the mere thought that developers could put this tree at risk is shocking and unbelievable. The doves are definitely sending out a message.


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