Friday, January 4, 2013

Doorway to a New World ~ SOLD

Here is painting #3 of my series of thirty paintings in thirty daysI'm trying to keep them simple and loose. I plan on taking some different approaches and playing around with contrastive concepts. Using inspirational quotes provides lots of ideas! Like the interpretation of today's quote by John Muir, this challenge is a doorway to a different world. This is such a good exercise on so many levels.

"Between every two pines is a doorway to a new world."  ~ John Muir

Doorway to a New World
5.5" x 7.5" original watercolor on Yupo paper, matted to 8" x 10" - $85.

On the home front, big brother Tigger is finally getting over most of his jealousy and is starting to regularly play with the kittens.

They all like to play in and around the little tunnel. Notice all the other toys in the background. I now call my studio Kittengarten. It is no longer my own. 

Tigger outweighs them at least two to one.

And he always seems to be the one on top.

They do play rough, but so far there have been no serious incidents, fingers crossed...

Thanks for reading and commenting on my new inspirational quote painting series. I look forward to your input and hope all is well in your world!

Hugs and Purrs,
X ♥  O 


  1. I love how you creatively interpreted John Muir's quote!

  2. I just love that painting! Its wonderfully surreal!

  3. I'm checking out your blog Sandy. Besides admiring your hummingbird paintings, we seem to share an interest in Halloween and pirates.

  4. Lovely painting! And, interesting series and challenge! Thanks for sharing it.

  5. I love your doorway painting, Sandy! It reminds of the doorway in "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe".
    And you kitten photos are adorable. :)

  6. I love that door! Mystery and magic right through, there, please. And wonderful to see pictures of your three kit kats having a blast!


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