Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Painting Giveaway!


In the spirit of birthday week, I'm announcing an ORIGINAL PAINTING GIVEAWAY! It's also a way of showing my gratitude for the support I've received online, especially on facebook, during my 30/30 challenge.

It is quick and simple to enter.

If you are on facebook:

#1) Go to: Sandy Sandy Spiritart and LIKE MY PAGE if you haven't already. 

#2) go to the album: TREES INSPIRED BY QUOTES, click on the images and leave me a short comment on at least 3 of the (available) paintings you would like to win. (It would be nice, but not necessary, to hear why you select the ones you do.)

#3) To get an extra entry, share a link on your facebook timeline to my TREES INSPIRED BY QUOTES album.


If you do not have a facebook account:

#1) Become a follower here if you are not already one.

#2) go to the album: TREES INSPIRED BY QUOTESclick on the images and leave me a short comment on at least 3 of the (available) paintings you would like to win. (If facebook doesn't allow non-members to post, just comment here with 3 titles of those you would like to own.)

#3) To get an extra entry, share a link to this post on your blog and please let me know you did it.


 will be held at 11am, EST, March 20th, 2013
(The same day as my Animal Spirits book giveaway.)

Thanks again my friends.

X ♥  O

"Saying thank you is more than good manners.
It is good spirituality."
~ Alfred Painter


  1. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY FOR SUNDAY - Hope you had a wonderful day. I felt like that too 'Where Do The Years Go'!..yikes.

    1. Thanks for the birthday wishes, Ann. We celebrate "Birthday week" here, so you are right on time!

  2. I am on facebook (yuck) and I tried to post comments on one painting and for some reason it would not keep it on. Do you have any idea what to do But I do love your work

    1. Hi Bonnie - Thanks for posting here. I looked on my fb page and saw you liked it, thank you!
      I also saw you liked one of the paintings in my tree album. When you comment in the box did you hit "return" to send it? If you are still having problems, you can just leave me the titles of 3 of the pieces you would like to own in a comment here. WELCOME and thanks so much for your interest in my work and for entering my giveaway and of course for your efforts!


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