Monday, February 4, 2013

Hawks, Eagles, Foxes and Ravens, Oh My! ~ SOLD!

Foxy One

5.5" x 7.5" original watercolor on Yupo paper, matted to 8" x 10" - $85.
mats- (acid-free - white core) with foam core backing in an acetate sleeve
ready to fit into a standard 8" x 10" frame.
My friend, extraordinary photographer, Sally Vennel, just sent me 20 of her fabulous fox photos to use as reference! Guess what my next series will be? (Don't worry, not 30!) It felt so good to paint an animal today! Although my last series was exhilarating, I am ready to paint something other than trees. This fox painting was done on Yupo paper today. I may attempt the same pose tomorrow on regular 140 lb. Arches cold press cotton rag paper.

Ms. Cooper visited our bird feeders on Saturday. She dined for about 40 minutes on a pork chop that Jerry had thrown out there. I'd much rather have her eating that than our song birds! This was the best shot I got while shooting from my kitchen window. Jerry said he saw her out there again tonight.

We have had a large bald eagle flying around our place lately! I spotted her in a one of our big bull pines Sunday morning. I called Jerry and we got the binoculars and saw her up real close when she flew directly over my studio window before circling over the house. She is spectacular and huge! What a sight! It gave me goosebumps! The problem was that we hadn't seen our beautiful, little, feral, Maine Coon, Eva, since Saturday. We were both pretty sad all day, thinking Ms. Eagle may have carried our little Eva away. Jerry searched everywhere for her. Then around 3:00 pm, Ms. Eva showed up! We were very happy to see her and she seemed happy to be home. We have a couple of stray males that just showed up here and they chase her. Perhaps they chased her into the woods and she got lost or she could have spent 24 hours up in a tree. Poor baby. I wish I could keep an eye on her, but she is a feral, very independent and not crazy about people. She is coming into the screened porch at night and sleeping in her cooler/ home now that it's cold. At least she's safe then. 

Opie was very interested in the Super Bowl yesterday. We actually couldn't tear him away from the game! He spent a good part of the game sitting in front of the TV, watching the action between the Ravens and the Forty Niners. A lot of the time, he was sitting up on his haunches like a mercat. What a guy!

Good news for me, I completed the shooting of the high resolution images of my 30 Paintings in 30 Days series today. Yay! Now I can sign them, spray them, mat, frame and ship the ones that are sold! Looking into several online vendors for producing books, I found this site, Blurb, the most attractive. I am asking if anyone has any thoughts about the "Tree Paintings Inspired by Quotes" book as far as hard cover/ soft cover, size, price, etc. If I go with the smallest book (6" x 9"), with shipping, they will cost me about $20. ea. I would like to see it in a little larger format (8" x 10"), so that the images won't be tiny, but they would probably cost me $25 - $30 ea. I will sell them at my cost, but would have to add on $5.00 for ea. pkg. (1 or more) shipping. I would like to know if anyone is still interested and what your thoughts are on the above. Thanks for your time and feedback! I really and truly am thankful!

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  1. Aw, that's a sweet little fox with such a charming expression. You certainly have a lot of animals around you! I think eagles are special too, there's something so haunting and mysterious and majestic about them... but I'm sorry about little Eva! I don't know anything about selling the blurb books, but I did make my own blurb book a while back to use as a portfolio, and it was very well made with nice clear images when I got it.


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