Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fox Medicine - SOLD

"Nature is my medicine."
~ Sara Moss-Wolfe

Fox Medicine

5.5" x 7.5" original watercolor on Yupo paper, matted to 8" x 10" - $85.
acid free, white core mat with a foam core backing in an acetate sleeve
ready to fit into a standard 8" x 10" frame.

A special thanks goes out to Sally Vennel
for the use of her fox photography for painting reference.

Fox medicine teaches us about camouflage, observation and ingenuity. If fox has come into your life, pay attention. It may be a time to step back, regroup and plan a new strategy. Kicking off spring, I am having a book giveaway! To be eligible to win one of my Animal Spirits books, just leave a comment here on this post.

An Awakening to the Presence of Animal Spirits is a simplified guide book with full color illustrations that feature over sixty popular animals. Enjoyed by nature lovers with an open mind, the text and images help readers to become more aware of animal totems and the messages they offer us daily. 
Every time you comment on a post on this blog between now and the closing, you get another chance to win! The winner of this drawing will be generated by random.org at 12:00, noon, EST this Spring Equinox, March 20th, 2013 and is open to all residents of the USA and Canada. 

Thanks for reading my blog and adding your comments.
Lets all get to know each other better in 2013.
Have a great day and please share 
this giveaway with your friends!


  1. Hi Sandy. Your fox painting is such a striking one - love it!

  2. Oh wow.... I love the painting and I really love the concept of the animal spirits! That's something I would really like to learn more about. I think I might just get the book now, rather than hinge my luck on winning one later... It looks really fascinating!

    1. Thanks for your book order, Katherine! Because you are such a sensitive and inspired person, I think you will find a whole world opens up to you when you become aware of your animal spirit guides. I will also, of course, put you into the drawing! Thank you so much for your continued friendship and comments!

  3. Hi Sandy

    Yes I DO believe in spirit animals/totems. I just haven't realized mine yet. Unless it's just cats cause I seem to LOVE them and they fill my life. And I LOVE your painting of the fox.

    1. Thanks for the feedback,Bonnie! I am glad you are entering my giveaways. So glad to meet you here!

  4. Sandy,
    You are very inventive with your paintings. I especially like the animals you do for totems. The trees with poetry is also a very original, great idea. Isn't it wonderful to relate to nature? Right now, I am very fasinated by the crow. Watched a program on Nature about how intelligent the crow is. I love the wolf because of its family orientation and I identify with the alpha female. I have a call name of "Lonewolf". I raised my kids on my own after a divorce and death of their dad. Don't mess with my cubs even tho they are 27 and 35.LOL. Keep up the brilliant work.

    1. Thanks for your kind words and your comment, "Lady Lonewolf". So nice to meet you here! I will enter you into the book drawing. Remember each time you comment between now and the March 20th, you'll get another entry. Thanks again and Good luck! (Oh and be sure to check out my Painting Giveaway too!)


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